Advantech Supply Chain Solutions: Customized Warehouse Spaces at Fixed-Rates

Top 10 Canada Supply Chain Solutions Companies - 2022

The tremendous growth in retail and e-commerce over the past few years, along with technological advances, has widened the purview of supply chain management (SCM).Especially in Canada, the supply chain is witnessing leading-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and the internet of things transforming the sector by analyzing, predicting, and monitoring the flow of goods and services while ensuring transparency and efficiency. In light of these trends, the global SCM market size is expected to grow from $28.9 billion in 2022 to $45.2 billion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4 percent during the forecast period.

Contributing to the market growth is the combined clout ofAI and advanced analytics (AA), enabling high efficiency and accuracy in inventory management. Reducing the impact of a global labor shortage, AI and AA-driven technology are molding a promising future for SCM.Supporting this growth are the intelligent edge ecosystems, where supply chain decisions are being made increasingly. Edge ecosystems are delivering the infrastructure for automated network tools, devices, and applications to work in tandem with each other—be it drones, robots, or connected vehicles. Advances in data communications services, such as Wi- Fi, Bluetooth, and 5G,are further aiding edge ecosystems and complementing centralized supply chain solutions.

To put the spotlight on such key developments in the supply chain management sector in Canada, Logistics and Transportation Review illustrates how companies are leveraging the latest developments in SCM to augment industrial applications. The edition also features thought leadership articles from Scott Lane, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CCLS, Miguel Cordeiro, Director of Information Technology System at Rangel Logistics Solutions, and Ken Trickey, Director of Fleet Management and Harshad Haroon, Director of User Experience at Trimac, who shed light on various trends in the SCM space, including supply chain solutions to meet customer expectations, adopting low code and robotic process automation to achieve agility in logistics, and IoT deployments to enhance efficiency in transportation.

In this edition of Logistics and Transportation Review, we also bring to you the story of some of the top Canadian supply chain solution providersand services companies that deliver the best outcomes for their clients. In the list, Advantech Supply Chain Solutions particularly stands out,for its cost-effective warehousing spaces customizedto the exact requirements of clients.

Through the following pages, we aim toshine a lighton the innovative trends and latest developments in the supply chain industry in Canada. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Canada Supply Chain Solutions Companies

  • Amii helps companies in building AI and machine learning capabilities in business –right from early adoption to advanced research and development.Before kickstarting a particular project, Amii implements its AI Adoption Spectrum tool to identify a company’s current capabilities in AI and scope out manifold ways in which they can support the client’s efforts to incorporate AI tools into their workflow. Thereon, Amii works in close ties with its clients to guide them through all the stages of AI adoption—from whiteboarding and ideation, to model development and implementation – even up to advanced research and development.

  • 3PL Links

    3PL Links

    3PL Links structured Supply Chain Solutions Services (SCSS) provides best-of-breed supply chain services by lowering customer operational and administrative overhead costs while meeting key performance indicators (KPIs). They offer warehousing and distribution services and solutions throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico

  • Alloy Technologies

    Alloy Technologies

    Alloy links existing retail and ecommerce POS sell-through data with business internal inventory and supply chain data, allowing businesses to plan better and execute faster. For better and faster supply chain and planning choices, companies can now connect data from all their retailers, distributors, 3PLs, and ERP on a single straightforward platform

  • B2BE


    B2BE helps the organization Improve supply chain processes with easy-to-use e-enablement technologies that provide more visibility, audibility, and control. Supporting and assisting the organization in delivering new supply chain solutions that remove complexity from its day-to-day operations and help supply chains work more smoothly

  • Conexiom


    Conexiom can proactively anticipate supply chain problems by automating vendor documents in the procure-to-pay process. It identifies order difficulties, allowing businesses to respond rapidly to supply chain disruptions. Its goal is to remove the manual processing of crucial business transactions between sellers and purchasers

  • Lean Supply Solutions

    Lean Supply Solutions

    Lean Supply Solutions is a global provider of complete bespoke logistics solutions for the most complicated supply chains. They give quantifiable value to their clients by utilizing a unique blend of lean processes, cutting-edge IT systems, and world-class quality systems

  • Plexxus


    Plexxus is a significant health care supply chain business in Ontario, providing supply chain and back office services to hospitals. Plexxus assists hospitals in focusing on patient care by managing their supply chain and back office services

  • PVA


    PVA Improve the capabilities of the Client's key resources by providing management training, coaching, and mentoring in their workplace. Enhance the capabilities of the Client's key personnel by providing management training, coaching, and mentoring in their workplace

  • TOC Logistics

    TOC Logistics

    TOC Logistics assists organizations in locating raw materials, legal counsel, innovative products, and whatever else they require outside the traditional supply chain. The team's cumulative knowledge and hands-on attitude are available to businesses to enhance or expand business operations